Welcome! Let me introduce myself.

I am Alexander Böhm, 26 years old. Currently I am writing my Masters Thesis on the Univerity in Konstanz, Germany, about the phenotypic and behavioral changes of cavefish to understand the evolution of their troglomorphic lifestyle.

My interests lie in the fields of Behavioural Biology and Marine Biology and especially the development of novel technicological improvements for empirical research. I do this by implementing different 3D Printing methods as well as using drones and airial imagery for complex 3D habitat reconstructions.

Modelling and printing the logo of Bloc & Partners

I am currently also developing small custom electronics for recording and logging both animal and environmental data in the field and underwater.

In my spare time I build and maintain various fresh- and saltwater aquaria, breed my own corals and am very interested in trying to understand the complex biological and environmental interactions necessary in marine reef ecosystems to ensure their survival, both in the wild and in captivity.

Interview about my saltwater aquaria at University Konstanz